Deeply rooted expertise in car rental industry. is developed by StivaSoft Ltd, a software company with a solid track record in the car rental industry. With more than 20 years in the industry, our expertise in the car rental sector is unmatched.

Deeply rooted expertise in car rental industry.

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Expertise in Car Rental Industry

Our deep understanding of the car rental industry is reflected in our accomplishments. We've developed VEVS - a leading car rental software used by hundreds of companies globally, and have tailored custom solutions specific to this sector. Our pride lies in our exceptional customer support, guided by a 'nothing is impossible' ethos, which underlines our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients with expertise and dedication.

Krasimir Dimov

Krasimir Dimov

Veselin Stoilov

Veselin Stoilov

Alex Valkanov

Alex Valkanov


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"The precision and depth of market analysis from have directly translated into smarter pricing strategies and increased revenue for us."

Clara Rodriguez

Business Development

" has been a game-changer for our business, providing unmatched insights that have significantly boosted our competitive edge and profitability."

Aiden Patel

Marketing Specialist

"Partnering with has revolutionized how we approach our rental pricing, leading to better customer satisfaction and higher bookings."

Youssef El-Mahdi

Sales Manager

"Thanks to, we're now effortlessly navigating the complex pricing landscape, which has been pivotal in enhancing our market position."

Naomi Kwon

Pricing Analyst

"The comprehensive data from has given us the confidence to make informed decisions, resulting in a notable growth in our business."

Luca Bianchi

Investment Planner

"'s insights have been instrumental in refining our pricing strategy, making us more agile and responsive to market changes."

Ella Fitzgerald

Sales Specialist